Screaming into the Void: Is anyone out there?
Screaming into the Void

Welcome to my Web site

Here you will find things in which I'm interested and rants about things that bother me. I'll be updating this infrequently.

However, I have recently begun redesigning this site as it has become quite stale. I'm going to make an effort to add missing links and remove the dead ones.

The big change is the new navigation.

This great piece of code was written by a young man in Singapore. I think it's one of the best navigation devices yet created for cross browser compatibility. Visit Toh Zhiqiang's site.

Safari and IE versions earlier than 5.5 have problems, particularly on the photo album pages. Firefox, IE 5.5 and Camino seem to be OK. Opera has problems too. It must be the Javascript. I'll try to figure it out but, in the meantime, I recommend that you get Firefox.

Remember, LEFT click to navigate

Get Firefox!